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Feelings-Forward Folk-Pop

we're going off with gigs tbh
we're engaged!!
Now She's Smoke LIVE @ 💖 Our House Show 💖 || Towse

Now She's Smoke LIVE @ 💖 Our House Show 💖 || Towse

My lovely partner Corwin Zekley joined me on fiddle for this intimate little song, "Now She's Smoke," which is about disappointing or resenting your childhood self, a song I wrote in quarantine during my Song a Day for a Month project in January, 2021. Matilde, my flatmate, and I hosted this beautiful little unplugged house show to showcase a bunch of our singer-songwriter friends. Corwin and I made Mexican food like you can't get in London and some vegan chocolate chip cookies, some things we miss from California. If you've known me a while, you know house concerts are my happy place. Back in LA, I used to host the quarterly Haskell House Shows with my housemates in our big 1920's Beverly Hills Mansion (uprooted and moved to The Valley sometime mid-century). The grand piano, high ceilings, and stained glass windows in the house made it feel special, but not as special as our community. The house shows always featured home-cooked meals and everything from folk musics from every part of the world to experimental classical music, free jazz, heavy rock bands, contemporary classical music, and some straight-up indie-pop. Performing at house shows makes me feel more "seen" as a musician than any other sort of venue. Performing in those spaces--removed from capitalism and the pressure of promoting--where I can be vulnerable and people with just sit quietly and listen to my songs, and really hear them. I am so happy to resume my tradition of hosting--obviously somewhat adjusted to London housing, but this show was just as special as the ones back in LA, and it made me feel like I finally have a genuine community in this city 💖. Alsoooo, checkout my new website?? towselikehouse.com!!
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